What to do with only 24 hours in Cape Town

1. Go Zip Lining in Constantia

The mountains surrounding Constantia are not only for hiking, but the guys at SA Forest Adventures have set-up a series of 12 Platforms that are connected to each other by zip lines that are fast and high enough to get your adrenaline pumping.


2. Cycle the Sea Point Prom

If you love urban adventures, UpCycles offer bicycles for R75 an hour which is not only cheap, but also epic to feel that cool Atlantic breeze in your hair as your cycle the Sea Point Prom. Make sure you enjoy a cold soft serve next to the Sea Point swimming pools to cool off when you’re done. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, cycle to Camps Bay and back.


3. Hike Lions Head for Sunrise

One of Cape Town’s “MUST DO’s” in the Summer is to hike up Lions Head, but make sure you wake up early to beat the crowds and hike up there for Sunrise as that is the best time of the day. Also, did you know Lions Head has it’s own Instagram account? Of course it does, it’s Cape Town’s MOST HIKED mountain, so don’t forget to tag @lionsheadct in all your stories and posts.


4. Pose for a photo on the Kasteelspoort “Diving Board”

For those that are looking for an EPIC hike, which isn’t too crowded, take a group of friends up Kasteelspoort and pose for a photo on the famous “Diving Board” at the top. Be VERY careful though because there is quite a sheer drop from the edge.


5. Go Paragliding off Signal Hill

What better way to get your adrenaline pumping than to jump off Signal Hill, attached to a parachute of course. If the wind conditions are good, expect a 15 minute flight with epic views of Signal Hill, Lions Head, Sea Point and beyond. You land on the Sea Point Prom, so if you want an extra adventure, rent one of those bicycles when you’re done.


6. Take a 4x4 to the Atlantis Dunes for the Day

If you love 4x4ing, then take a day-trip in your own 4x4 out to the Atlantis Dunes and go get lost in the epic dunes located just 45 minutes from the city. If you book in advance you can also book yourself a quad biking tour, sand boarding and WAY more on the dunes.


7. Take a friend on an epic adventure up Kloof Corner Ridge

One of Cape Town’s MOST ADVENTUROUS hikes is up the right-hand side, on a hike called Kloof Corner Ridge. Be sure to go with a friend and be even more sure you are not scared of heights because this is not a hike for the faint-hearted, as it has a few sections that require pulling yourself up a 6 or 7-meter chain, and one REALLY challenging chain that is inside an 11-inch crack.

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