Victorinox Skipper Pro

Victorinox Skipper Pro

Product Code: 142287

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The Skipper Pro is like a full ship's crew in your hand. A compact tool that combines typical Victorinox functionality with a lock blade for one hand as well as a sailing specific tool for your nautical adventures - a lockable and very robust marlin spike. It's all the equipment you need for your next adventure with knotty problems and stubborn shackles.

  • Lock blade for one hand
  • Key ring
  • Lockable marlin spike
  • Available Online Only
  • Includes bright orange lanyard
  • Length 111 mm
  • Width 34,5 mm
  • Height 24 mm
  • Net weight 196 g
  • Gross weight 205 g
  • Packaging type Folded box
  • Lock blade for one hand with 2/3 wavy edge
  • Lockable and robust marlin spike


Brands Victorinox
Keyring Yes
Bottle opener Yes
Can opener Yes
Small screwdriver Yes
Wire stripper Yes
Toothpick Yes
Tweezers Yes
Reamer/punch Yes

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