Victorinox Evogrip S17

Victorinox Evogrip S17

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Pocketknives are made for people who are always on the go and require a multifunctional gadget that allows them to face any challenge daily life might throw their way. The Victorinox Evogrip 17 is a classic, medium-sized pocketknife with fifteen different tools to help you get through any hurdle - from opening a bottle of wine around the fire to doing basic DIY in the home.

  • Nail cleaner: Yes
  • Toothpick: Yes
  • Tweezers: Yes
  • Nail file: Yes
  • Corkscrew: Yes
  • Bottle opener: Yes
  • Can opener: Yes
  • Scissors: Yes
  • Wire stripper: Yes
  • Wood saw: Yes
  • Screwdriver 3mm: Yes
  • Screwdriver 5mm: Yes
  • Reamer, punch and sewing awl: Yes
  • Functions: 15
  • Key ring clip: Yes
  • Large blade: Yes


Brands Victorinox

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