Unusual outdoors date ideas

Did someone say dinner and a movie? Yawn! This Valentine’s Day, get out of the mall and think out of the box to create a memorable day that’s as unique as your relationship. Here are a few out-of-the-ordinary outdoors dates to get you started.

1. Cruise around your hood on a coffee walk

Yes, the coffee date is a classic, but sitting in a noisy coffee shop is hardly the stuff memories are made of. How about doing a coffee walk instead? Grab a couple of travel mugs and meet up at your favourite local coffee shop. Get your coffees to go, then give your date a walking tour of your neighbourhood. If you’re both serious caffeine addicts, you can even make it a coffee crawl by walking between two or three good coffee shops and sampling the brews and baked goods at each.

Recommended gear: The ultra-durable Stanley adventure vacuum travel mug keeps your coffee hot and at the ready for three hours, making it the perfect companion for any adventure in the urban jungle or the real one.

2. Go ape with some climbing

Rock climbing can make for a surprisingly great date. Not only will the physical activity get your adrenaline and endorphins flowing, but helping and supporting one another as you work to solve climbing problems is a great bonding experience. Plus, nothing says ‘I trust you’ quite like letting your date hold the rope that will catch you if you fall.

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3. Plan a picture-perfect date

If you and your date both enjoy photography, make that the excuse to check out interesting places together. Try a photographic scavenger hunt or take turns photographing one another in beautiful locations. Post your pics from the date on Instagram and come up with your own custom hashtag. Who knows? This could be the beginning of something beautiful.

Recommended gear: Capture moments absolutely anywhere with the Podo camera. This tiny waterproof camera turns the world into your personal photo booth. It sticks to nearly any surface with its micro-adhesive sticky pad and can be wirelessly controlled by your phone.

4. Try a GPS treasure hunt

Playing detective with your GPS on a geocaching date is a fun way to team up and explore almost anywhere. Simply create a free account download the free geocaching app, and use your GPS to find the locations of the different caches near you. Once you’re in the right location, use the clues to hunt down hidden geocache containers, which sometimes have quirky prizes inside. Then share your geocaching photos and stories online.

Recommended gear: Thanks to an enhanced antenna for better satellite reception, the Garmin Oregon 750 GPS puts the great outdoors at your fingertips. Whether you're geocaching, hiking, biking, climbing, kayaking, trail riding or whatever, this rugged navigator is ready for anything.

5. Float away on a tubing day

Get hold of a couple of inflated tire tubes, pool lilos, or any kind of floatation device you like, and head for the nearest river, dam or lake. Spend the day drifting around on the water for an extremely relaxing and fun date. Pack a cooler with food and drinks so you can have a floating picnic too. (Tip: remember to wear hats and plenty of waterproof sunscreen!)

Recommended gear: The K-Way Rapid shoe provides lightweight, durable and comfortable protection for your feet for all sorts of watersports, including kloofing, fishing, paddling or just general everyday wear. They’re available for both men and women.

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