Travelon Set of 2 Tooth Brush Covers

Travelon Set of 2 Tooth Brush Covers

Product Code: 117124

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These smart covers do two things well - firstly, they keep your toothbrush clean and germ-free, no matter how long your trip is, or how dirty it becomes. Secondly, they stop the leftover toothpaste and remaining moisture on your toothbrush from making a mess in your toiletry bag or where ever you are keeping it. The little ventilated caps help to dry the toothbrush quickly so there's no moisture build up. A smart little design element are the suction cups, which lets the covers attach to a mirror or any hard surface. It also makes them harder to lose. Size-wise they are 5cm by 2.5 by 3.8.


Style 117124
Dimensions 50 x 25 x 38mm
Brands Travelon
Best use Travel, Camping
Functions 1

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