Three great #Dadventures to share with dad

For some of us, dad is our best friend. Others struggle to figure out what planet he actually comes from. Often it’s a bit of both. But, one thing’s for sure: we’ll never regret spending quality time with our dads. Here are three of the best ways to make memories with dad when you’re all grown up.

1. Go camping (the wilder the better)

If you ever went camping with your family as a kid, you probably have some epic memories and crazy stories. Going camping with your dad as an adult can be a brilliant way to reconnect with him and get to know him better. The best thing about camping is that, without the distractions of civilization, you and your dad will have each other’s undivided attention. Being surrounded by nature makes people more relaxed and open, so you’ll find it much easier to have proper conversations.Sort out your camping gear

2. Climb a mountain (even a small one)

Huffing and puffing your way up a mountain might not sound like fun, but shared suffering and a shared goal can be an amazing bonding experience. That’s not to say you have to drag your dad up Kilimanjaro. (Although, if he’s keen, it’s an incredible experience!) Even a short hike up a smallish hill will do, especially if the views from the top are spectacular. Think Lion’s Head in Cape Town or Ploughman’s Kop in Royal Natal. Just don’t put it off: this is an adventure you need to have before your dad decides his legs are too old. Get ready to hike

3. Go somewhere new (just the two of you)

Is there somewhere exotic your dad has always wanted to go, but has never been? Go there with him! Travelling with your dad as an adult is cooler than you think. When you travel into the unknown together, that parent versus child playing field gets magically leveled out. The two of you become a team. For example, one of you watches the luggage while the other figures out how to order coffee. Travelling with your dad may also give you some interesting new experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have. Seeing your dad get excited about discovering new places will give you a glimpse of how he would have been when he was young. And, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this trip will be one that your dad talks about with a huge smile on his face for years. Pack your travel bags

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