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International speaker, Everest summiteer and Seven Summits chaser. Robby is also a K-Way Brand ambassador and 9 time Kilimanjaro climber.

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Tested and Reviewed: The K-Way K2 Down Jacket

Robby Kojetin tested the K-Way K2 down jacket in Alaska and found a new best friend for the coldest conditions.

Straight up, I’ll say that this is the warmest jacket I have ever worn. The K-Way K2 down jacket is an absolute essential for anyone heading anywhere slightly chillier than Clarens on a winter morning.

A jacket stuffed with features

The K-Way K2 down jacket is stuffed with almost as many features as feathers. Some of the features which make this jacket more than capable in even the most extreme conditions include Velcro cuffs to keep the breeze out, insulated hand pockets, an adjustable hood, and an optional fur cuff for the hood.

I recently researched why fur is used to line the hoods of jackets. It turns out that the Eskimo people – who are probably the most experienced when it comes to cold –started using fur because it creates an area of ‘dead air’ in front of your face. Somehow, because the fur has more surface area, it creates a shelter from the wind, so your nose doesn’t freeze up and fall off.

A jacket made for the coldest conditions

I chose a red jacket, because it’s highly visible in whiteout conditions. (There’s also a black option.) The lining fabric is super-soft and comfortable, and doesn’t make a lot of noise. (Some nylon fabric rustles like a shopping bag in a hurricane.)

There are two internal pockets, which are perfect for keeping batteries warm to preserve their charge. They’re also large enough to hold a 1litre Nalgene bottle so your water doesn’t freeze solid.

On Denali, the temperature seldom rose above 0˚C. We lived in the snow, pitched our tents in the snow, and built our kitchen in the snow. So, it goes without saying that a trustworthy and well-made jacket becomes your best friend.

I have a feeling that ‘Big Red’ and I are going to be friends for many years to come, and this jacket will be the first thing I pack when I head off to Antarctica in December. Which leaves only one question: When am I going to take a holiday somewhere warm?

To get in touch with Robby Kojetin or to find out more about his past adventures, visit www.robbyspeaks.com

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