We are committed to becoming the flagship for sustainable outdoor apparel and equipment in Southern Africa. We plan to achieve this through ethical sourcing, using predominantly sustainable materials, supporting local suppliers and the community, creating jobs, and establishing green factories.






Feel good about what keeps you warm with our certified responsible down suppliers.

Our focus is to ensure we extend the lifespan of all fabrics whilst sourcing materials from reputable, ethical and accreditable suppliers. By creating internal processes of recycling, re-using and re-purposing, we hope to reduce overall waste.

We have started this journey by using Re:Down, which is collected as a byproduct from consumers, cleaned and re-purposed into our clothing. Re:Down is able to recycle 97% of all down collected. 


44% of our K-Way range of clothing and accessories is created using sustainable materials.

We use a range of sustainable alternatives including Re:Down, Clo Insulation, REPREVE, recycled polyester, pineapple leather alternative, recycled rubber, sustainably sourced cotton and more. 

All our sleeping bags have a high durability rating so you can enjoy a lifetime of camping experiences. We go a step further by offering K-Way sleeping bags filled with REPREVE, a 100% recycled material made from plastic bottles that were destined for landfills and the ocean. 


K-Way is proudly produced in South Africa, by South Africans. Our factory first opened in 1980 and is home to 267 employees.

We help support local businesses across South Africa by purchasing niche products from local manufacturers. The materials and components sourced for these products are also usually locally sourced which further aids job creation.


We upskill machinists from the local community through our K-Way Sewing School and support various community initiatives.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to better their circumstances so we created the Sewing School. In this way, we hope that we could not only support more families but also give back to the community.


In our K-Way factory, we save up to 3 million litres of water every year and 25% of our total electricity is solar energy.

Our suppliers are spread across South Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar and Europe. We encourage all our suppliers to implement sustainable practices and to become water-wise and detox-free in their manufacturing process.