Spending your Multiply Money at Cape Union Mart

Multiply members can now spend their cashbacks in-store using mobile payments.

What are mobile payments?

Mobile payments are payments made from a mobile device such as a cellphone. These payments are operated under financial regulation.

How do Multiply Money mobile payments work?

1. Download the Multiply Money app and log in or register.
2. Make sure you have transferred enough cashbacks from your Multiply Money savings wallet to your Multiply Money payment wallet.
3. When you are ready to pay, go to Transact > Mobile Payments on the app and select Cape Union Mart.
4. Generate a QR code and an alphanumeric wiCode by following the instructions on the app.
5. Give your phone to the cashier, who will either scan the QR code or input the wiCode to process the mobile payment.
6. The code lasts for 15 minutes for security reasons, so only generate it when you’re ready to pay.

Don’t have Multiply? Join now to get more money with Multiply!
SMS MULTIPLY to 40717 or visit multiply.co.za.



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