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wesley sweetnam

Wesley is an up-and-coming trail runner who forms one part of Team K-Way. His love for the trails accompanied by his love for the greater outdoors makes him a force to be reckoned with. With podium finishes such as the UTCT 2nd place in 2016, and 1st place in the Dirtopia Trail run, this athlete is one to look out for.

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Salomon Speedcross 4: Wesley Sweetnam Review

In the past, I have found Salomon Shoes to have a somewhat narrow sole resulting in my ankles rolling easily and regularly, but this is just me. The Speedcross 4’s don’t appear to have much more width in the sole but the cushion lining was soft enough to comfortably accommodate my feet deep within the shoe, without compromising any feedback; bounce or support that one expects from a premium running shoe.

The ruggedly aggressive lug structure underfoot allows for precision and control on any surface. From rocks, to mud, to a technical single track and dense bush, I navigated these terrains with ease and at no point did I feel that my ankles were unsupported or at any risk of going over the shoe. the Speedcross 4’s come complete with built-in adventure and will rise to any challenge.

No less impressive are the uppers of the Speedcross 4's. The tough and flexible synthetic upper is virtually impenetrable with practical stitching, allowing for comfort and flexibility without compromising or restricting any movement. The durable uppers may well outlast the soles of the Speedcross 4! South Africa is a land of rough, rugged and diverse landscapes and, often, aggressive conditions which may challenge the lugs causing them to break and dwindle before the structure and the integrity of the shoe itself. Only time will tell.

The sense-fit sock was not as snug as the S-LAB Sense 4's to which I had previously become accustomed but, having said that, I far preferred the slight elasticity which allowed for more swelling whilst tackling the mountains resulting in greater comfort and flexibility.

The Salomon Speedcross 4 with its durable and tough design comes fitted with both practical and performance enhancing features that is bound to offer many fun and memorable kilometers on all terrains and conditions. Definitely worth putting through the paces.

My personal rating : 4 out of 5.

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