Outdoor Footwear Care Guide

Keep your outdoor footwear in tip-top shape with superior repair, care and maintenance products. It is so easy to keep your outdoor footwear lasting that much longer. 

How to wash all Outdoor Footwear

You will need:

  1. Storm Footwear Cleaner
  2. Storm Footwear Proofer
  3. Damp cloth
  4. Storm Sponge or soft brush

Step 1: Remove the laces and insoles and apply the Storm Footwear cleaner with a damp cloth or Storm sponge. Use the rough side of the Storm Sponge or a soft brush to scrub stubborn stains. Remove excess soap with a clean damp cloth.

Step 2: Remove the insoles after every use, even if not wet. Insoles hold moisture, and the upper material will deteriorate if left wet in the hiking boot. Remove the insole and allow it to dry overnight.

Note: Storm Footwear Cleaner is suitable for all outdoor footwear including Full Grain Leather, Suede, Nubuck and Fabric uppers.

Use Storm Proofer whenever you notice the outer material has become saturated. Water ruins leather and synthetic uppers. Waterproof hiking boots are protected with a DWR coating.


Outdoor Footwear Care Guide -
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