Down Jacket Care Guide

Taking care of your K-Way Down jacket extends its lifespan significantly. Shop all the products that you will need to keep up the water repellency, breathability and overall performance of your down jacket.

How to wash a Down Jacket

You will need:

  1. Storm Down Cleaner
  2. Storm Down Proofer
  3. 2 Tennis Balls
  4. Tumble Dryer
  5. Front Loader Washing Machine or Top loaders without the centre agitator.

Step 1: Set the washing machine to Delicate and use cold water on a long soak cycle. You can also choose to handwash instead.

Step 2: Pour a cap of Storm Down Cleaner into the detergent compartment and a cap of Storm Down Proofer in the fabric softener compartment. Start the cycle. Wash the jacket alone, to prevent the material from catching on another garment.

Step 3: To dry, place the down jacket in a tumble dryer and add the 2 tennis balls. The tennis balls will assist with evenly dispersing the down feathers to avoid clumping.

Step 4: Tumble dry for 15 – 20 mins at a time. It will take some time to fully dry. Take out and smooth out on a flat surface to ensure there are no clumps. Ensure that the down jacket is fully dry inside and outside.


Down Jacket Care Guide -
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Your down jacket needs to be washed from time to time, although not very often. It is important not to strip the down feathers of its natural oils when washing.

This is where Storm Outdoor Apparel 225ml Eco-Friendly-Proofer   comes in. Made with a balanced pH that is gentle but effective, the Storm Down Wash will maintain your down jacket's performance while still remaining soft and full of loft.

Hot to use:

  • Use the Gentle cycle and 75ml of Storm Care Down Wash when washing your down jacket.
  • Dry in the tumble dryer, pausing the dryer every so often to manually plump the jacket to ensure the down does not clump and is evenly distributed throughout your jacket.
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Take care of your apparel properly with the Storm Ultimate Apparel Care Kit, which includes an eco-friendly outdoor apparel wash and an eco-friendly apparel proof to restore the water repellency of your favourite outdoor jacket. Please note that this kit is a service kit in which you service your gear before setting out on an expedition. The kit will restore water repellency and breathability and will increase the lifespan of your garment. It is also very gentle on fabrics.

Wash Instructions:

  • As with the machine wash process, use 75 ml of cleaner in either a bucket, bowl, or lower part of a bath and dilute with 5 to 10 litres of water.
  • Soak the garment(s) in the cleaner solution and rub any areas that are noticeably dirty before wringing them out and rinsing.
  • Replace the water and re-rinse the garment, and then wring it out again before replacing the water and repeating the above wash process with the proofer.
  • After proofing, hang the garment to dry on a coat hanger in a warm room, and then apply a small amount of heat by either tumbling on a low setting for 20 minutes, ironing, hanging it on a radiator, or just exposing it to warm sunlight, which is sufficient to create a stronger bond between the fabric and the proofer.
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Improve visibility and safety on outdoor night adventures with Tenacious Tape Reflective Patches. This fabric tape uses glass bead technology to reflect light better than coloured or fluorescent tape. It sticks to almost any surface without peeling and performs well in both wet and dry conditions. Stick on jackets, backpacks, running or hiking shoes, bike gear and clothing, helmets, and camping accessories.

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Keep your outdoor clothing fresh and clean with the Storm Eco-Friendly Outdoor Apparel 225ml Wash. This product is pH-neutral and gently lifts dirt from your clothing without causing damage. It improves water repellency, restores breathability, and increases garment lifespan, making it perfect for washing your technical clothing.
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Specifically formulated for technical or textile outerwear and equipment, the Storm Outdoor Clothing 1L Wash is a must-have for your outdoor technical clothing. Ingredients lift contaminants from textiles without causing any damage and are gentle.

The cleaner has all sorts of benefits for your technical clothes, like improving water repellency, restoring breathability, and increasing garment lifespan. 

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