Red Cross Children's Hospital

Red Cross Children's Hospital

The Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital is South Africa's only dedicated child health institution and offers a comprehensive range of specialist paediatric services to children. It is a centre of excellence for the training of all categories of child health professionals. Cape Union Mart sponsored Isolation 1 – a new isolation room in the B1 ward at the Hospital in 2012 and makes regular donations. The Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital Trust, do amazing work and we’re proud to play a small part.



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Cape Union Mart is proud to be one of the retail partners in the DiscoveryCard network. Simply purchase gear by visiting your local Cape Union Mart store, or buy online at


Cape Town Opera

Cape Town Opera (CTO) is a professional opera company in Cape Town, South Africa. CTO was founded in 1999 by the management and staff of the former South Africa Arts Council Opera and the Cape Performing Arts Board (CAPAB), itself a successor to the Cape Province Performing Arts Council and the previous Opera School at the South African College of Music at the University of Cape Town, which had been founded in the early 1920s under the Italian tenor Giuseppe Paganelli.


Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun works toward a future where today’s children and youth are tomorrow’s productive citizens. They do this by adopting a cradle-to-career model which invests in the development of disadvantaged children from early infancy through young adulthood and into the world of work. Afrika Tikkun is dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and their families through its community Centres of Excellence and strategic partnerships.

Cape Union Mart is proud to be associated with Afrika Tikkun in donating outdoor equipment and taking part in cycling events to support the organisation for children and people who are less priviledged.



The non-profit organisation, based in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, uses Math, Science and English teaching as a means to generate opportunities for students to pursue post-secondary study.


Cape Town Holocaust Centre

The Cape Town Holocaust Centre, the first Holocaust Centre in Africa, opened in 1999. The Centre houses a permanent exhibition, and conducts educational programmes for schools, educators and diverse adult groups.


Dr Jenny Edge

Dr Jenny Edge is a breast surgeon living and working in Cape Town. She works at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in the City Centre. Although she trained as a general surgeon, she has a particular interest in breast conditions. She created the blogsite to encourage women to share their stories.


Educo Africa

Educo Africa is a youth development organisation. The first phase of the programme uses wilderness experiential learning as a profound platform for young people to experience their inherent potential.

The second phase is a youth movement supporting young people in living their potential, with a specific focus on social and environmental well being.

Cape Union Mart chose wisely to partner with Educo Africa who also has a vested interest in the outdoors where Personal Leadership Development programmes with youth take place. Educo Africa, however, has the privilege of being able to introduce its beneficiaries to eight-legged creatures and fabulous freshwater fish in their natural habitat; take participants rock climbing and abseiling off genuine rocks, and also test outdoor gear in very real rain and sometimes snowy conditions!


Ikamva Labantu

Ikamva Labantu is a non-profit, non-governmental Trust. They touch the lives of more than 25,000 people every day. This includes over 1,000 children in 300 foster care homes; more than 12,000 pre-school children in 200 under-developed daycare centres; and about 540 senior citizens in 17 seniors clubs. Ikamva Labantu’s roots trace back to 1963 when Helen Lieberman, appalled by the effects of apartheid and poverty, started to work with women in Cape Town’s townships. Today, it is regarded as one of South Africa’s largest and most respected community-driven organisations.


Mamelani Projects

Mamelani’s Community Health Programme shares essential health information with people to enable them to make informed choices and take action to improve their health and the health of their families. Mamelani derives its name from the isiXhosa word “masimamelane” which means “we must listen”. It is only through listening to the real needs of a community that positive and lasting change can happen. From their humble beginnings in 2003, they have grown into a vibrant and well-established community development organisation.

Mamelani Projects facilitates programmes that are designed to assist people in taking action to improve their lives. They have a wonderful selection of Programmes, which includes Community-based Health Education, Youth Development as well as Child and Family Support. They believe in working from the outside in and describe the work they do as “developing communities by developing people.”


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