Opinel # 9 Carbon Steel Knife

Opinel # 9 Carbon Steel Knife

Product Code: 112372

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Hold legendary sharpness in your hand with the lightweight, beautifully balanced Opinel No 9 Carbon Steel Blade. This brilliant, value for money, knife is versatile, is easy to use and sharpen, and holds its edge for a very long time. The wooden handle feels very natural and secure in your hand, even if your hands are sweaty or cold. The locking mechanism is simple, but very effective, and the there is no movement of the blade once it is locked in place. There are no edges to catch on clothes or affect the opening, and the build quality is phenomenal. If you are looking for a versatile, sharp blade that needs very little maintenance, and that is also suited to left hand use, this is it. If you do not want the blade to get a patina, a little oil application regularly will help to keep it stain free.


Style 112372
Brands Opinel
Best use Hiking

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