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Founder of explore4knowledge, a non-profit organization aimed at educating the youth around sustainable living through adventure. John is also a proud fellow of the Royal Geographical Society & winner of the prestigious President’s Award for Youth Empowerment.

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K-Way Panorama Tent Review

John Lucas is impressed by the K-Way Panorama Tent performs in a dust storm in Namibia.

It's a feeling I'd wish upon no-one: your tent being flattened, with you inside, it by an unknown force. My Suunto lights up at 0:05 and I search for my LED Lenser. I open the zip of our K-Way Panorama 3 Person tent and try to make out what is going on outside.

A sand storm has hit Spitzkoppe in Namibia, and we seem to be in the middle of the madness. To think that only hours before we were shooting a night sky time lapse. Thank goodness we packed the camera away!

Looking around the campsite, we realise what hit us: it was the other tent, which has flown off into the night. We reposition the Land Rover as a wind break and hold down the ties and guidelines with 3 pegs each. The tent now seems secure enough to leave in search of the one that got away.

We find the second tent pinned against a rock. We fold it away and we retreat to our remaining tent. Half hidden under the Discovery and well-pegged, it made it through the night.

Next morning, we saw that most of the other campsites had packed up during the night. Some of their gear was damaged beyond repair.

But, when we inspected our runaway tent, we found that the only damage it sustained was some scratches on the poles. A lot of sand also found its way home with us. This was deposited in the garden when we cleaned our gear and prepped for our next expedition.

Our K-WAY Panorama Tents have been sheltering our expedition team members for several years now. Come rain, snow or dust storms, they have never failed to deliver a good night's rest. Or, at the very least, an interesting one!

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