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K-Way Kilimanjaro Boots Review

I was once told by an old bushmen that the human detachment from nature was caused by our inability to connect our souls with nature, due to the soles we wear on our feet. This lesson has been a treasured memory and a reminder to walk barefoot whenever possible.

Over the years I have walked barefoot along riversides, in streams, over rocks, along sand dunes and even in snow in the Sub-Antarctic to try and experience this detachment, but without a doubt I have reverted back to a solid and trusted pair of boots for long treks and expeditions.

For years I have been wearing a pair of Hi-Tec Ranier Boots that I had to retire as my feet grew too big for them. Were it not for their retirement, they would still have been on my feet until today. I think I might even have a pair of old brown Canvas Hi-Tec’s somewhere in an ammo box stored away. I bet they will still have some red Kalahari sand trapped between the laces and underneath the soles.

Though after many hikes in the Drakensberg, Cederberg, Fish River Canyon and around Marion Island my Hi-Tec’s have been retired for a good few years and I have been struggling to find a pair of boots to not only compare with what I had, but that are also available in my size. After chatting to the team about 2 weeks ago from K-Way SA, it was suggested I look into their Expedition Series Range of boots. The K-Way Men's Killimanjaro Boot was mentioned as a trusted replacement for what I had.

There was only one thing left to do, I had to buy them. After finding a pair of boots in my size, built on the backbone of generations of field testing and backed by K-Way's legendary 5-WAY guarantee I have come to trust on countless expeditions.

With box in hand we drove out towards the Swartberg in search of snow, ice and rain. Living up to their “Out The Box On The Trail” reputation I did not get a single blister from a weekend's adventuring. The comfort of the soft leather combined with stitching, waterproof tong, and Vibram soles are a winning combination that I am sure will see me through 100’s, if not 1000’s of kilometers' worth of expeditions.

From one adventurer to another, if you're looking for a pair of boots to use to leave footprints and take photographs, these are without a doubt the boots for you.

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