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nicolette griffioen

Nicolette Griffioen is an ultra trail running champion and outdoor lover of note. She's won numerous local and international ultra distance races and is the current record holder and 2016 winner of SkyRun. As a team K-Way athlete, she travels the world conquering one hill at a time. She's passionate about animals and uses any chance she gets to get out and explore.

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K-Way Evo Gearbag Review

K-Way Athlete Nicolette Griffioen is known for her endurance and performance in a very light frame. So, is it a coincidence that her favourite piece of K-Way gear, shares these qualities? We asked her why she loves the K-Way Evo Gearbag.

The K-Way Evo Gearbag Range

Made of tough PU rip-stop material, the Evo Gearbag is a very light, but durable and versatile bag. It’s available in six different colours and four different sizes, from small to extra large.

At 35 litres, the small Evo Gearbag is hand luggage friendly. The medium is 60 litres and the large is 85 litres, making it big enough for a multi-day camping trip or travelling abroad. The extra large can hold 140 litres, so you can actually pack the kitchen sink. I own a medium and a large Evo Gearbag.

When to use the Evo Gearbag

Anyone looking for a simple, durable, multipurpose, but affordable duffel bag really can’t go wrong with the K-Way Evo Gearbag. Its uses are endless.

I’ve used my Gearbags for international travel, overland camping trips in southern Africa, and to carry my race gear to away races, from triathlons to ultra trails.

The K-Way Evo Gearbag is perfect for camping trips or other space-limited travel. Its compressibility and flexibility, even when full, means it can be manipulated into any small space.

It’s also great for kids because of the simple design and different size options. The wide colour range also means they’re more likely to identify their own bag on school camping trips. It also makes them easy to identify on the luggage belt at the airport.

The only time you might not want to use this bag is in conditions where it’s going to get wet, because it’s not waterproof.

Best Features of the Evo Gearbag

1. The small fold-up size allows you to take it overseas empty, use it while there, and then bring back all your extra purchases and gifts acquired during the trip.

2. The soft and flexible nature of the bag means cleaning and drying it couldn’t be easier. A gentle cycle in the washing machine after every trip and it’s ready to go again.

3. The large zips are extremely durable, easy to find and function, and allow for the use of a small lock if necessary.

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