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Founder of explore4knowledge, a non-profit organization aimed at education the youth about sustainable living through adventure. John is also a proud fellow of the Royal Geographical Society & winner of the prestigious President’s Award for Youth Empowerment.

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K-Way Drake Down Jacket Review

John Lucas tested the K-Way Drake Down Jacket on a month long scouting trip in Namibia and in the snow and ice of Lesotho.

The Cape Union Mart tag line “EXPLORE” resonates with most of us who love the outdoors. And, when walking into one of the Cape Union Mart stores, I can't feel anything less than inspired to gear up and get out into the great outdoors. As any outdoors man will tell you, layering is as essential as planning. We've been using K-Way gear in the field since 2000.

When looking for gear, before I look at materials, guarantees or water columns, I first want to know two things:

1. Where the products are made

2. How the materials are sourced

Over the years I have worn down gear in -27 C and breathable, microfibre shirts in 40+C. So performance comes in a close third.

When I found out about K-Way’s home sewn and sustainably sourced down policies, it was a given that the K-Way Drake down jacket would join me on a month-long scouting trip to Namibia.

Not only did I wear the Drake daily for a full month, but once or twice it made a comfy addition to my sleeping bag. The versatility of this jacket is only matched by its ability to fold into a pouch smaller than some of my camera lenses. This means it fits comfortably into my camera bag or the centre console of my Land Rover.

Its 100% windproof outer shell provides a cosy housing for its down filling and protects you from the harshest of winds. Its 650 down fill ensures that you stay warm, while its compact pack size undoubtedly sets it apart from other down jackets on the market.

We also took our K-Way down jackets to Lesotho. Here, snow, ice and rain saw the explore4knowledge team working against some unfamiliar elements. The Drake jackets added some volume to our team members in width, but its insulated layers and down fill ensured that we all remained warm even on the coldest of days.


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