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robby kojetin

International speaker, Everest summiteer and Seven Summits chaser. Robby is also a K-Way Brand ambassador and 9 time Kilimanjaro climber.

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K-Way Basecamp 3 Tent Tested in Alaska

Robby Kojetin took the K-Way Base Camp 3 Tent on his recent expedition to Denali in Alaska, and was pleasantly surprised by its performance in extreme conditions.

The last time we went to Alaska, our tents were 11 years old. Despite having done us proud all over the world, they showed some serious signs of wear – and some tear as well, when the flysheet tore wide open! (We managed to sew it up with dental floss and it held up for another two weeks.)

This time, luckily, I had the pleasure of using a brand new K-Way Base Camp 3 Tent. This is a rugged and really well put together dome tent. Since I’d already experienced the wrath of Denali’s infamous wind and weather, I knew our tent needed to be able to handle everything she could chuck at us. And, I was pleasantly surprised.

Using the K-Way Base Camp 3 Tent

The tent is super easy to pitch. It has colour-coded poles and attachment points, and easy-to-handle guy lines and toggles. Taking it down was just as easy, because it’s stuffable into a large, convenient bag. No more rolling and squeezing. You just grab a handful of fabric and push it in. This is an invaluable feature when you’re exposed to harsh elements.

We did run into one minor snag at high camp on the mountain. But, considering where we were, I cannot fault the tent at all. While pitching the tent, the wind was howling at 50km/h, dropping the temperature below -30˚C. In temperatures that low, absolutely everything becomes brittle (including my sense of humour), and one of the aluminium poles cracked at the joint while being bent into place. Luckily, it was easily fixed and we were safe as houses in no time.

Once inside, the three of us did struggle a bit with all of our gear, sweaty socks and piles of down sleeping bags, jackets, botties etc. So, bear in mind, that although this is a 3-person tent, it gets crowded when there’s a lot of equipment in the mix as well.

One tiny adjustment I would make would be to extend the snow flaps all the way around the tent. But, that said, we were testing this tent far beyond its intended purpose, on one of the world’s coldest mountains, during one of its worst recorded seasons in 20 years!

So, if you want to take this dynamic dome tent anywhere in South Africa, Lesotho or anywhere else you can think of, I will not only recommend this tent – I’ll ask if I can come along too.

To get in touch with Robby Kojetin or to find out more about his past adventures, visit www.robbyspeaks.com


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