Jetboil SUMO Stove

Jetboil SUMO Stove

Product Code: 111592

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Jetboil make some of the world's best outdoor cooking systems, and the Jetboil Sumo is their supersized poster boy. It combines the heating prowess of the all-weather Sol burner with a 1.8L Sumo cup which means you can make coffee - or spaghetti - for the whole family. The flux-ring at the base of the pot minimises the effects of wind on the burner while the neoprene cover means you can drain the pasta using your bare hands. One 230g Jetboil Jetpower Fuel canister will boil 24 litres of water. Jetboil Jetpower Fuel sold separately.


Weight 450.0000
Style 111592
Dimensions 125 x 210 mm
Brands Jetboil
Best use Hiking, Camping, Backcountry
Liquid capacity 1800ml
Fuel type Propane / isobutane
Average boil time 4 minutes, 15 seconds per Litre
Water boiled per 100g fuel 10

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