How to wash your Down Jacket?

Here's our guide to machine washing, drying and caring for your down gear.

What you will need

- A front loading washing machine
- A tumble dryer
- Performance down cleaner
- Tennis balls

Wash your jacket periodically, twice a year should suffice (depending on usage). Before washing your down jacket, first brush off mud and dirt, zip up the garment and turn jacket inside out.

Make sure the detergent compartment of your front loading washing machine is clean from any household detergents and softeners, as it can damage the down and strip the fabric of its water repellent coating. Set your machine to a cold cycle. Pour down cleaner in the detergent compartment and hit start. We recommend storm wash.

NB! Do not wash your jacket in a top loading machine as the centre agitator could damage your jacket.

Set the machine to rinse a few times in the longest spin cycle to ensure no cleaner residues are left in the down.

When done place your jacket into a tumble dryer, as air drying it will take a long time and the feather can start clumping together. Set your tumble dry to a low heat, as a high heat will cause damage the seams and outer shell fabric.

Adding tennis balls to the dryer can stop the feathers from clumping together and also re-loft the down.

You may remove your jacket now and then to make sure the feathers don’t clump together, shake the jacket around to loosen the down and place back in the dryer.

Make sure you jacket is 100% dry before removing it from the dryer.


1. Prepare for washing

- Brush off mud and dirt, do up zips and flaps, turn jacket inside out.
- Clean detergent compartment
- Set washing machine to cold/delicate

2. Wash

- Pour one cap of down cleaner into the “cleaned” detergent compartment
- Once washing is completed - Set the machine to rinse on longest spin cycle

3. Dry

- Place the jacket in the tumble dryer, set to a low heat for about an hour.
- Add tennis balls to dryer, to ensure the jacket regains its loft.
- Ensure jacket is dry and take out of dryer.


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