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Sarah is a freelance writer, blogger and photojournalist whose work has been featured in magazines and newspapers in South Africa, Dubai, India, Thailand, the UK and the USA.

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How to go green on your travels

If all travellers made a commitment to lessen their impact on the environment on their trips, we could make a big difference. Here are some tips on how to travel greener.

Choose green accommodation

Many lodges and hotels claim to be “eco-friendly” but are nothing of the sort. Do your research thoroughly before you decide on a truly green place to stay. Find out if the lodge uses solar power, recycles grey water, grows its own veggies and serves local seasonal produce, and has made a commitment to minimising its impact on the local environment. Try to stay at lodges and hotels that help to empower the local community, whether by training and hiring local staff or donating some of their profits into upliftment projects.

Respect the local environment

Try to leave a minimal physical impact as possible by always sticking to pathways, not walking on fragile sand dunes, never littering (and recycling your rubbish rather than throwing it away) and not picking up stones or flowers to take home.
Help local conservation initiatives
In just about every park or reserve you can visit, there will be some conservation projects on the go. Help them out by volunteering your time, donating money and spreading the word to create awareness when you’re back home.

Contribute to carbon offsetting projects

Offset the carbon created by your trip by donating to a carbon offsetting project, such as reforestation initiatives.

Minimise plastic waste

It’s a very easy thing to do: travel with your own soap and shampoo rather than using hotels’ single-use plastic bottles – millions of which end up in landfills every year.

How to make a difference with Cape Union Mart gear

The fastest way to reduce your carbon footprint is by cutting down on plastic water bottles by always travelling with your own reusable water bottle or hydration reservoir. The K-Way 2L Hydration Reservoir is perfect for this. Alternatively, you could use the K-Way Explore Stainless Steel 750ml bottle, that will keep your liquid cool and sealed safe. If you're looking for a hydration pack to store your hydration bladder, look no further than the K-Way Lite 10 Hydration pack, which can easily accomodate a 2L hydration bladder or reservoir.

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