Cape Union Mart was founded in 1933 with the desire to create a unique shopping experience for both locals and tourists alike. Step inside a Cape Union Mart, and you are met with a wide range of unusual products that suit the needs of many people. 

When the late Philip Krawitz first opened the Cape Union Mart doors, he wanted the store to be known as the “Tavern of the Seas” for servicemen and tourists passing through Cape Town. The product offering compared to the top retailers of the time was so diverse and apart from having an extensive range, they became known as ‘the friendly store’. 

In the early 1950s, Arthur Krawitz brought the world to the South African customer with international brands such as Levi jeans, the Hong Kong Anorak, Norwegian socks, Gore-Tex foul weather jackets, and drip-dry safari suits. Over the years, Cape Union Mart has continued to be South Africa’s favourite outdoor adventure store with a focus on hiking, running, skiing, camping, travel, and safari. 

The many famous and not-so-famous faces that have walked through our doors return because of the exceptional quality and manufacturing standards held by both our in-house brands and valued suppliers located all over the world. All K-Way and Cape Union Mart products are extensively tested to ensure that you get a product that does just what it says it does, without fail. To read more about manufacturing, click here

To reduce our carbon footprint, our K-Way factory operates with a strong philosophy of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. Every scrap of material in the factory is used. We also welcome a steady stream of sustainable brands each year and are growing our share. To read more about our sustainability efforts, click here

"Our difference is the experiential shopping experience led by our expert salesmen who are trained weekly to provide the best possible experience."


We’re excited about our future as we take on new heights with our in-house brands in new stores and grow our brand offering. We will continue our efforts to increase sustainably made collections and improve garment technology. Your comfort, needs, and beliefs are our core focus as we continue to bring you the best-in-class outdoor gear you have trusted since 1933.