Gift ideas to help you get outdoors more

Let’s admit it: Most of us don’t spend as much time outdoors as we probably should. Sometimes, it’s for a good reason. But, sometimes we’re really just making excuses. Here are some great gift ideas that will whisk away all excuses and provide inspiration and encouragement to go out and enjoy new adventures.

I feel powerless

If spending time outdoors is limited by the need to recharge your essential gadgets, we’ve got the solution. The Red-E RS40 Powerbank is a high powered, portable power source. It has a 4000mAh capacity, which is enough to fully charge your phone twice over – and it can charge two devices simultaneously. You can also recharge it using a USB port or the built-in solar cells. So, no matter where you are, you’re #neverwithoutpower.

I don’t like warm beer/Coke/cheese

Excellent excuse. Nobody does! However, that’s not really a problem. The next time you head out, take along the Coleman 50QT Extreme Cooler. It has a 47L capacity and can keep your goodies perfectly cold for up to five days on ice. It’s ideal for long road trips, going camping, or even just a day trip to the beach.

It’s dark outside

Great! That’s the best time to go outside and look at the sky. The National Geographic 60 x 700 telescope is the perfect scope for getting started in stargazing, as it’s extremely easy to use. The telescope comes with its own tripod and can be set up within minutes with no need of tools. So, it’s ready to roll any time you feel like a spontaneous astronomy session. Achromatic objective lenses provide crisp and detailed observations and its magnification range of 35x to 525x is ideal for checking out the moon and planets.

Prefer something more strenuous? Well, how about a run? Yes, in the dark. With the LED Lenser SEo5 Head Lamp, you can run at any time of day or night without putting a foot wrong. This lightweight and comfortable headlamp produces an amazing 180-lumen output that covers up to 120m, and the swiveling beam allows you to focus on exactly where you’re going.

I have nowhere to stay

That’s easy. Wherever you’re going, pack the K-Way Panorama 3 person tentThis lightweight tent has a spacious interior and is a great choice for weekend camping trips and hikes. The reflective guy ropes help prevent people falling over it in the dark and No-See-Um mosquito netting provides privacy as well as protection from unwelcome insect intruders. As explorer John Lucas can confirm, it’s also pretty darned weatherproof.

My feet hurt

Sshhh – we’ve got a little secret to tell you. You don’t have to wear hiking boots to go on a good long walk. For many hikers, trail running shoes have turned out to be the best thing since sweatproof socks. And, the Salomon Speedcross 4 shoes are amongst the comfiest trail runners out there and are available in both men’s and women’s styles. What’s more, they’re so funky and good looking that you can get away with wearing them pretty much anywhere. (We’ve even spotted them in boardrooms.)

I just want to chill

So, you’re not in the mood for scaling mountains or crossing oceans right now. We get that. But, that’s still no reason you can’t get outdoors and enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the kind of relaxation that only nature can offer. Park yourself in a Cape Union Ranger Chair and spend all day reading a book, shooting the breeze with your buddies, or pretending to fish. We’re not judging. After all, it’s what we’re planning to do lots of these holidays too!


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