• Can one purchase Cape Union Mart gear over the internet?

    Yes. Simply click on the product you wish to purchase. If it is in stock, you will be able to purchase it online. Still struggling? Contact our friendly online store members via [email protected]
  • Do students and pensioners receive a discount?

    Yes. If you are either a student or a pensioner, you receive a 5% discount from Cape Union Mart, on Cape Union Mart products, upon presentation of the relevant student or pensioner card. Please note that this discount does NOT include GPSs or any Suunto products.
  • Do you cater for corporate orders?

    Yes, we do. Cape Union Mart has implemented a discount structure for corporate orders that fall within specific volumes. Mail [email protected] for more details.
  • Do you have any franchise opportunities?

    Regrettably, we do not offer any franchise opportunities.
  • Where is my nearest Cape Union Mart store?

    Click the "Find a Store" link in the top left hand corner of your screen to find your closes Cape Union Mart store.
  • What other organizations receive discounts at Cape Union Mart?

    The following organizations enjoy discounts at Cape Union Mart:

    • Come Hike (www.comehike.co.za) : 10%
    • Footprint : 5%
    • Cape Consumers : 5%
    • Koopkrag : 5%
    • Mountain Club of South Africa : 5%
  • What is Cape Union Mart's sponsorship policy?

    With relevance to our brand , Cape Union Mart has a rich history of sponsoring:

    • Active running athletes
    • Environmentalists
    • Explorers
    • Mountain biking
    • Fishing
    • Travel
    • High mountain climbers – Kilimanjaro being the key component
    • Photographers
    • Community projects

    However, in saying that, our sponsorship budget is governed by a strict policy which limits our involvement to activities which are ONLY directly aligned to our core business strategy. If you fulfil any of the above mentioned criteria and would like to apply for sponsorship please fill in our online sponsorship form.

    Please note: We do not sponsor or fund financial contributions or requests. Furthermore, due to a limited sponsorship budget, Cape Union Mart is highly unlikely to sponsor projects / initiatives / endeavours / personalities that do not have a link to the outdoors.

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