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The Rare Earth Women's Collection is inspired by nature and the modern woman.

These garments and accessories have been designed to combine ease and function with comfort and reliability, ensuring timeless pieces that will last for years to come.

Buy better, keep forever ‐ this is our hope.

Outdoor Active

Discover our collection of sport utility wear, designed with high performance ease and comfort in mind. Our high tech DRY EX clothes boast moisture wicking & odour controlling properties to keep you feeling fresh. You bring the sweat, we'll bring the rest.

Travel Essentials

Sophisticated combination of fashion & functionality. Rare Earth offers all components of a sophisticated layering system from functional under garments to a waterproof outer jacket that meet all your climatic & fashion needs. With the combination of different layers of clothing, you can adapt to any kind of weather and create a fashionable outfit on the go.