A Day in the Life of Leanne

My day always starts out with a glass of water. Either I’m just terribly thirsty in the morning or perhaps it’s become a great habit? Not sure, but I do feel awake and fresh afterwards.

My day officially starts when I drive into town and I’ll either go to the gym or go hike up Lion’s Head. Some mornings I like to mix it up and rather go for a run with my dog.

After that, it’s work time, where my daily responsibilities include the photographing of a variety of products for our Buying Department and Marketing team; from beautiful dresses, to shoes, homeware and even camping and outdoor equipment. I’m also involved with the creation and execution of marketing campaign collateral, editing all of these required images, and in between this I’m attending brainstorm sessions, finishing off some more editing, photography and of course, attending meetings. Basically I contribute to my team’s efforts by creating amazing images while working with some really great humans.

After work I’ll head home where I’ll take my dog for a run or go for a cycle. The rest of the evening will be spent meal-prepping for the next day and simply enjoying some me-time. I believe in having enough rest in the week and keeping social events for the weekend. I know that sounds pretty boring but our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Read that book, say no to that party, take that candle lit bath (or a shower if you stay in CT, #WaterRestrictions). And remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Leanne’s top tips for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle:
1. Pack your own lunch - what you put in your body is extremely important. Meal-prepping is not only good for you, but your budget as well.
2. Get a stability ball - if you have to sit at a desk whole day, make sure your hips are a bit higher than your knees. The ball builds core strength and reduces the risk of back problems, and it’s also cosmetic for that mid-section.
3. If you drive to work with your own transport, make sure to park a few blocks away from the office. The walk is a good way to start your day and gives you that much needed fresh air at the end of a long day.

And a bonus tip – If possible, don’t park in the same spot or area every day so that you get to explore different areas of your town.

Some smart work habits by Leanne:
1. Every Monday morning, take 30 minutes to plan out your week. Highlight any big events, deadlines, presentations, meetings etc. This way you will have a good overview of what’s to come and won’t be caught off guard.

2. Listen to some music or a podcasts when you know you have to power through work. People are less likely to talk to you when you are wearing earphones and that helps to minimise distractions.

Leanne’s work goals:
1. I strive to streamline communication channels. Approaching someone directly about a problem or a question saves a lot of time on unnecessary back and forth. Know what questions to ask and always be open and verbal in my communication and feedback. Ensure that everyone understands and knows what is required to get the job done.

2. I aim to maintain a consistent work routine by noting down certain weekly or daily appointments in my diary. This helps me to improve my workflow and ensures that I always know what is happening day to d ay.

Follow Leanne’s journey on maintaining a well-balanced work and personal life.

Strava- Leanne Pretorius

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