A Day in the Life of Brendan

IT Systems Analyst by day, social mountain biker after hours
04:45 and I’m woken by the sound of an alarm, I check, yes it’s a weekday (read workday). Ooze out of bed, shower, get dressed and ready. The time of writing this finds us in the middle of home renovations, I trudge through to the trenches of construction to the kitchen. Phew, made it. Open the back door to be greeted by two energetic Jack Russells; so much love to start the day with. Immediately I find myself echoing a mantra: Be the person they think I am, be the person they think I am…

Into the kitchen, one Espresso, one cup of tea, back to the bedroom to share this moment with my amazing wife, before the day happens.

Into my car and off to work wading my way through the mesh of tin traffic, one smile for each person I give a gap to, not so bad. Still wishing I had a helicopter, reminding myself it’s only temporary until I start commuting by bicycle in the next few weeks.

At work, I login to my computer, set priorities for the day and action what I can before the masses arrive. Canteen opens, one Macchiato please, YUMM. The day rushes by in a myriad of emails, meetings and tasks. So grateful to be part of an amazing team that really makes the day a lot of fun.

Back through the tin mesh that is traffic again, arrive home to be pounced on lovingly by the dogs, meet with the builder about the day’s progress. Make 2 cups of tea just in time for my Queen to arrive home and share another moment together, chat about our day and play with the dogs. I go to the post box to check for mail (why do people still send snail mail?) back inside and it’s like the dogs haven’t seen me in weeks. So much love!

Too late to go for a cycle so I hop on the indoor trainer and Zwift though London while I catch up on some personal admin.
After supper, time to watch a quick sitcom, chat and spend some quality time with my wife before bed time.
Another great day gone forever. Set the alarm because tomorrow is Saturday and adventure is out there!

Brendan’s tips for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle:

1. Don’t use lifts, there’s a free step class between every floor
2. Drink lots of water
3. Don't eat at your desk

Some smart work habits by Brendan:

1. Make a list of things to do for the day and mark them off as you compete each task
2. Start early before the office gets busy and Get Stuff Done while it’s quiet

Brendan’s work goals:

1. I’m still fairly new at Cape Union Mart so I’m learning new things every day and looking forward to reaching a point of understanding which enables me to be a comprehensive tier of support within my team.

Follow Brendan’s journey on maintaining a well-balanced work and personal life.

Brendan's strava stats.

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