5 ways to Love Our Trails

Love our Trails is an international movement creating awareness and educating trail users about caring for our trails. 

There is something magical about being out on a trail. It's more than seeing beautiful views. Nature clears our minds, simplifies our lives and leaves us feeling energized. 

Our goal is to encourage people to get out and experience the beauty of nature, without leaving a trace. This will give future generations the opportunity to experience this beauty. If we don't change our behavior and stop littering, our kids or grandkids will never have the opportunity to experience beautiful trails and view surrounded by nature. 

How long does it take to decompose?

- Tissues: 2 to 4 weeks

- Orange peel: 6 months

- Cigarette butt: 10 to 12 years

- Plastic bottle: 450 years

Love Our Trails clean up days 

Love Our Trails hosted its first trail clean up in July 2015 on Mandela Day. The idea was to bring trail lovers together to enjoy a day out, to lead by example, and to share the message of love our trails with all.

We collected over 20 Tuffy rubbish bags full of litter and spent over 6 hours removing graffiti. It sounds like a slog, but it turned out to be a seriously fun day out. Take a look at this video from the day. 


5 things you can do to join the Love Our Trails movement

1. Lead by example - never litter

2. Encourage and educate fellow trail users not to litter

3. Keep a small bag on you when hiking to collect rubbish you find along the way

4. Take part in our next trail clean up

5. Follow Love our Trails on Facebook 

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